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The trip that enhanced my learning experience significantly

During the Democratic Engagement module, we explored different concepts such as culture, development, psychology, biology, and science, and their practical applications. Our trip to Thailand helped us understand the connection between these concepts. For instance, culture can impact the development of a city or country. This was particularly interesting to me, and I wanted to explore it further through the presentations that we were set to do in Thailand.

During our visit to Thailand, we saw how law and psychology intersected in the museums dedicated to the monarchies, and how different people had diverse opinions about the monarchy. Thai professors also provided academic lectures on sociology, economics, and politics in Thailand, which gave us varying perspectives on Thai politics and how it shapes the psychology of the Thai people.

Throughout the course, the lectures and concepts related to culture had the most significant impact on me. Understanding the sociological perspective of London, Bangkok, and Bahrain helped me realize the differences between each society and why certain norms exist. The hands-on learning experience of visiting temples and speaking directly with Thai people about their culture, politics, and law was much more useful and eye-opening than simply learning about these concepts from books.

The field trip was the most beneficial part of the module. Although the module handbook and schedule were standard, the trip enhanced the learning experience significantly. Interacting with other students from different countries broadened my understanding of politics and helped me see the similarities between us. Staying on a university campus in Thailand also allowed us to experience university life as Kasetsart students and brought us closer to the Thai students. Exploring parts of Bangkok and Ayutthaya made our learning more independent and helped us solve problems that we encountered as a group.

Overall, the experience was unforgettable. I believe that practical learning should be incorporated into more modules, as it would significantly benefit students’ learning and interaction with the content.

Yusuf Gerashi

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