DEN Conference - 2024

DEN Conference: Dedication and Commitment to Change the World

My trip was something I’ve dreamed of since young, to go to a country that is a place of
diversity. Being from New York which is a big city, I have dreamed of being in a place that
makes me feel like home, where I am seen and not judged. In London, I had a unique experience
in which I started to feel comfortable and even imagined myself going to law school there one
day. I’ve been to Italy, and I expected to feel the same way, slightly judged and out of place due
to my skin color and my gender. But London and the University of Westminster embraced me
and showed me a new way of life. The trip allowed me to learn not only about the city but also
about the efforts to make it an inclusive space for all.

My experience during the DEN conference was nothing short of amazing. Throughout the week,
students from different countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and London were immersed with
each other. I had the opportunity to learn about different social issues that were affecting the
world through numerous research studies. This experience has made me a better student and
allowed me to learn more about the societal issues that the world continues to ignore. DEN is a
conference that is designed to talk about the issues that no one will address. I am passionate
about addressing societal issues and changing the world for the better. The conference allows
like-minded students to be bold about what we believe in, not just for the image but for the push
to have a better-functioning society.

Professor Morady trusts in his students to be able to address societal issues and give them the
platform to expand their learning. He has a passion for allowing students to grow outside of their
comfort zones and to give students opportunities to help their future. During my time at the
University of Westminster, I was challenged to come out of my comfort zone many times which
I now see allowed me to grow. I articulated my research on the school-to-prison pipeline in
America and specifically how it affected students at Morgan State University. The DEN
Conference allowed me to open up to distinguished guests about the concept of this and how this
issue continues to the high rates of mass incarceration. The opportunity to present my research
has been beneficial to my learning.

Overall, I am beyond excited to continue learning in different countries and expanding myself to
new horizons. I am hopeful to continue attending DEN and bridge the gap between the US and
the UK. During the student presentations, I gathered that all societal issues differ depending on
the country but the end goal is the same which is equality for all. The DEN conference opened
my eyes to how the world needs dedicated and caring students who want to fix the world. I am
incredibly appreciative of this opportunity and intend to carry on collaborating with DEN to
address the societal problems plaguing the globe

Sanaa Lucas, Morgan State University, United States

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