DEN Conference - 2024

DEN’s Conference: A Day to Rember

I had a fantastic experience at this year’s DEN conference. I was truly inspired by the students and their presentations. It was impressive to see how they were able to deliver high-quality presentations with easy-to-read layouts and concise language. Witnessing university students demonstrate such advanced presenting skills was very informative.

The university students who presented were very confident about their presentations, demonstrating that they had done extensive research on the topic about which they spoke.

Upon arriving at the university and entering the conference room, I felt slightly intimidated. This was because it was a new space for me and there were quite a few people in the room. However, I didn’t let this affect me, and I really enjoyed speaking in front of everyone about my college experience. I was pleasantly surprised to see students from other countries, such as Thailand. It was great because it allowed me to understand the perspectives of people from different countries and gain new insights.

I didn’t have much of a perception of the university. I never researched or looked at the courses that the university has to offer. However, after being in the conference room and seeing what the university looks like, it’s safe to say that I understand why someone would go there. It has a very modern feel to it, yet still retains some traditional elements integrated within its architecture.

From my experience of visiting the university, I would definitely do it again. It gave me a lot of confidence seeing people present at such a high standard and also being given the chance to speak in front of an audience. It was very useful to hear people present about topics and issues which were quite complex. However, despite the complexities of the topic, they were able to get their point across.

Kanan Barrett, City and Islington College, London.

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