Category: FieldTrips

For several reasons, we have always considered international field trips vital for students. These can include:
1. To give exposure to different cultures and ways of life: to provide students with the opportunity to learn about and experience different cultures by being physically in the place. DEN believes this broadens their understanding of the world and helps them develop a more global perspective.
2. An international field trip can be an excellent opportunity to practice communication skills with colleagues with whom they must spend several days in a real-world setting.
3. It allows students to learn about different industries and career paths they may not have been exposed to before. This will help them to explore potential career options and gain valuable professional experience.
4. An international field trip can be a challenging but rewarding experience that helps students to grow personally and gain confidence. It can be an excellent way for students to learn more about themselves and their capabilities.
We have employed different methods: synchronous and asynchronous online learning, with students collaborating and with a member of staff through techniques of co-mentoring and co-creation.