Journey to England: I Can’t Wait to Have Challenging Experiences.

I believe that England has a rich and beautiful culture, with well-organized and long-standing traditions. The country is renowned for its iconic landmarks and deserves admiration and preservation. England is an old country with charming towns and breathtaking natural scenery that combines old and new elements seamlessly. I enjoy watching English films and TV shows, such as Harry Potter, and I’m a big fan of the series. Additionally, I appreciate the stunning architecture of English houses. The weather in England is known to be changeable with frequent rain. The country is famous for football, and you would love to visit a stadium to watch a match. Additionally, I  appreciate the diverse fashion styles of English people.

I really want to visit the Warner Brothers Studio because it’s a massive filming location where they shot the Harry Potter movies. I’m excited to explore the places where my favourite movies were filmed and buy some souvenirs to keep as a memory of my visit. Additionally, I’m looking forward to visiting the iconic Buckingham Palace and witnessing the Changing of the Guard ceremony outside. I was captivated by the palace’s beauty after watching the series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. Lastly, I’m eager to try Beef Wellington, a traditional English dish that requires precision and takes a long time to make.

I have some friends from Westminster University who I met during a trip to Ayutthaya. We had a chance to chat and get to know each other. I’m really looking forward to meeting them again when I go to England. I want them to take me to try new foods and explore places I’ve never been before. Also, I want to get to know them better because we only had a brief encounter last time.

I am hoping to enhance my English language skills and knowledge. I would also appreciate opportunities for knowledge and work exchange in the future.

I am excited to gain new and challenging experiences that are hard to come by. Through interacting with friends from different countries, I will understand English culture and life abroad, gain new perspectives, and, most importantly, improve my English language skills and fluency. This opportunity is a chance for personal growth in all aspects, refining my thinking, seeing the world from various angles, and being open to new things. I believe this experience will contribute significantly to my development and future advancement.

Kannika Noimay Year 3 Faculty of Social Sciences, Law, Kasetsart University

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