Visiting London: is a Dream Come True

The United Kingdom is a country with diverse environments, encompassing culture, history, and people from various ethnicities. Despite being predominantly inhabited by people of European descent, the population is diverse, much like Thailand, the United States, and other nations. Visiting the United Kingdom is a dream come true for me. I have only seen and learned about the country through social media, movies, and series. I dream of exploring this beautiful country and experiencing it through my eyes.

The United Kingdom is renowned for its distinctive identity that stands out in various areas such as architecture, culture, literature, fashion, and music. This uniqueness attracts people from all over the world. Although the cost of living in the UK, especially in London, is high, the public transportation system is relatively convenient, making it easy to travel within and between cities. The weather conditions are also quite variable, with the possibility of experiencing almost all types of weather in a day. Nevertheless, I am confident that I will enjoy exploring the United Kingdom on this trip.

There are many places in the United Kingdom that I would like to visit to learn more about England’s history. Museums in the UK are also interesting places to learn about this information. The British Museum is a must-visit for me because it houses the history of the United Kingdom from every era, along with valuable artifacts from around the world. I am particularly interested in learning about Egypt, Greece, Rome, Africa, among many other fascinating stories. Another place I want to see is Anfield football stadium. The UK is famous for football, and I am a fan of Liverpool, so I enjoy watching the Premier League. Lastly, I wouldn’t miss the chance to taste the original Fish and Chips and the famous Victoria Sponge Cake to experience traditional English culture.

I am excited about meeting friends who have already visited our university in Thailand, as well as The Den’s students. I am also looking forward to meeting Alina, with whom I have worked before. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t join us on our trip to Thailand, which disappoints me a little bit. However, she has promised to show me around London when I visit the United Kingdom. She mentioned that she has never tried Thai food before and would like to experience it. So we agreed to find a good Thai restaurant in London and enjoy it together. I’m also looking forward to getting to know more friends and sharing our thoughts and experiences together.

I am participating in this trip with the simple expectation of gaining new experiences in areas that are not available in my own country. Whether it is academic, historical, or cultural, I am excited to explore it all. Additionally, I am confident that I will make good friendships and connections with everyone I encounter, including the personnel at the University of Westminster. These positive experiences will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression and make me think of London fondly whenever I recall this trip.

This is my first time travelling abroad, and I believe that this trip to the United Kingdom will offer me the opportunity to try new things, step out of my comfort zone, and learn more about the country’s culture through its people and places. Ultimately, the experiences gained from this trip will help me in the future, and the friendships I have made with everyone will make this visit to the United Kingdom unforgettable.

                               Sarawadee Hailuang, Faculty of Social Sciences, Law, Kasetsart University

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