DEN Conference - 2024

DEN Conference: A Moment of Reflection

Coming to the end of my Undergraduate studies, it felt apt to conclude my time at University at the DEN annual conference. This was my second year attending, and after having a great experience the year prior, I was looking forward to spending the day diving into a variety of interesting topics and listening to my peers. After finishing my dissertation the week before, it was nice to have the opportunity to share some thoughts around my topic and the reason for creating my work. Equally, it also gave me the opportunity to hear similar thoughts from my friends who had been working so hard over the last few months, and at a time when we can begin to relax and enjoy the calm of the end of the academic year.

The event this year was built upon from previous years, and Dr Farhang Morady and the staff and students of Westminster put together an event that felt particularly special. DEN, as a group has been a consistent and deeply appreciated part of my University experience, and honestly, without DEN I think my time at University would have been dampened. Having the opportunity to give back to this group is something that I am proud to do. It feels sad to be writing this reflective piece, as it reminds me that I have finished my journey with Westminster for the time being, and I will miss being immersed within this academic environment. The annual DEN conference, at its core, is a celebration of our year’s accomplishments and interests and I’m glad that the final event was celebrating it in the way that we did. Furthermore, I appreciated the attendance and input of people from outside the University who give up their time to be in an atmosphere of learning, and who are open to hearing our thoughts which means a lot.

The DEN conference is a great opportunity to push you outside of your comfort zone in a setting that is welcoming and engaging. Although ultimately for me, the conference is a celebration; a time to reflect and a chance to practice gratitude. So finally, I would like to end by saying how grateful I am to the lecturers within the Politics and International Relations department, as I am extremely grateful for their support and encouragement, which is displayed in many different forms and practices. I always find it admirable how each professor goes above and beyond in their own way. To me, that is what is special about Westminster, and this is what I will remember throughout the years to come.

Jake Beasley

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