Category: DEN Publications

One of the most successful projects between academics and students since 2017 has been the publication of DEN’s online, a hard copy magazine, and annual book. Whilst the magazine focuses on short, the books cover longer and academics articles, ranging from local, global, social, political and economic issues.

Given the different circumstances, with the outbreak of Covid-19, we had faced a new challenge as the on-sight activities at the University became impossible. Remotely engaging students was the only way for DEN to continue working on different projects.
we develop a new strategy. By inspiring and encouraging our students we looked for online creative and imaginative approaches to sustain our activities. Academics and students have met online on a weekly basis from all over the world discussing various issues and making decisions how to design, develop and execute our projects, publishing a magazine and annual book during the pandemic.

We have used new technology to our advantages by turning Covid-19 into an opportunity for our students. By looking at local and global activities, our undergraduate and post students and our alumni around the world have collaborated as a team, they supported each other and share their experiences of global pandemic. The results have been inspirational, producing over 30 articles, expressing their experience of Covid-19 and some of the articles are a real story of their local conditions. The publications of these article represent the voices of our students who have been affected by the pandemic around the world.

The magazine and the book projects have been become corner stone for developing a mentoring strategy to engage and support students at different levels. Hence, mentoring students from academics, master to undergraduate students, has been a crucial focus of our online experimentation. The academics have used the magazine and the book as tools to mentor, train and encourage our master students and alumni to support our undergraduate students. Hence, managing projects, and delivering them online have been remarkably successful.

Together, staff and students have innovated successful approaches and strategies that have been successfully turned the pandemic around. The success of the approach has been remarkable as student’s testimony demonstrate this.