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[Magazine] 2021-22 DEN’s Magazine

Every year, DEN students edit and publish a hard copy magazine, which can also be accessed online. In this magazine, students reflect on their experiences as part of Westminster and DEN. We are encouraged to tackle important and difficult topics and we have different sections where we can write about the challenges and learnings of our journey. We also include photo-essays and travel journals about our educational trips, short articles of the different DEN projects, recipes, students hacks and advice, and we share our opinion on the issues that concern us and inspire us.

This magazine is written and edited by students and for students: a meeting point for all those things that matter to us! It is a crucial part of DEN as not only we develop communication skills, but we also get to raise our voice in a place of compassion, understanding and support, learning from our shared experiences and building a collaborative network of solidarity and mutual learning.

You can read this year’s magazine below:

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