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London: An Immensely Beneficial Experience

When I first arrived in England, the cold weather was a stark contrast to Thailand’s 40-degree temperatures. I hadn’t experienced such cold weather in Thailand. I felt welcomed when I arrived in England, thanks to Katie, our friend who helped us navigate the Tube and even took us to our accommodation. She’s such a lovely friend, and I’m very grateful to Katie for taking care of us so well. The weather here makes me feel refreshed and eager to explore from the moment we stepped off the plane into this unfamiliar yet warm environment. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Traveling to England has been an exciting and memorable experience. It all started with visiting Big Ben, an iconic symbol of London located in Westminster. The historical significance there is awe-inspiring and exciting.

Next, we went to the London Eye, the largest observation wheel in Europe, located near the grandest river in the world. Here, you get a beautiful view of London and can ascend to see the city from a high angle.

Shopping on Oxford Street, filled with leading stores and brand names, was thrilling. The variety of products was exciting and enticing. Then, we visited the British Museum to learn about the diverse histories of different cultures, and the Natural History Museum to delve deeper into the world’s natural history and scientific highlights. What I remember most is the displayed whale skeleton in the hallway and the dinosaur zone where we encountered the T-rex.

The Monument, built to commemorate the Great Fire of London in 1666, and visiting places like the Bank of England and Stock Exchange to learn about business and finance in England were enlightening. We also encountered Bangkok Bank, Thailand’s bank, which is located in the bank area. It felt exciting and like home.

Visiting Lloyd’s of London, the global centre for insurance, and other significant places like Tower 42, Guildhall, and St. Paul’s Cathedral, with their religious and cultural significance, was fascinating.

The Millennium Bridge led us to Tate Modern, which has a modern art collection, and we had the opportunity to participate in a conference at Westminster University to exchange knowledge and learn more about interesting topics. Our trip has been a blend of travel and learning, creating unforgettable memories in England.

Soho is a vibrant area where many Asians reside. Experience the cultural diversity with numerous Asian restaurants. It’s a central location where you can walk to other places like Central London and Hyde Park, the most famous park in London, which has various zones and activities. It’s peaceful amidst the bustling city.

Thanks to Professor Farhang and Professor Alan for welcoming us and taking care of us throughout the trip. We learned so much from our London experience. It felt like stepping out of our safe zone to encounter new environments and learn new things. It’s been an immensely valuable and worthwhile experience for me. Attending a conference at the University of Westminster has been an immensely beneficial experience. We had the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with students.

Kannika Noimay< Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thaniland

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