About Us

Inside Westminster is an academic staff and student-coordinated blog, articles, videos centred at the University of Westminster. It explores and deciphering the intricacies of contemporary local and global issues while elucidating student perspectives. This is an opportunity for Undergraduates, MA and Ph.D. students to post their thoughts on current affairs and take part in discussions. Inside Westminster is more than a blog; it is a multifaceted network that enables the inter-connectivity of students. We would like to invite you to write, connect, leave a topic to discuss, or even share information on event/seminar locations on this online student forum. We meet every Tuesdays between 2-4 pm to review and edit articles.

Inside Westminster is also a  Democratic Education Network (DEN) initiative. DEN facilitates dialogue and the sharing of knowledge between students, international universities and diasporic communities in London. Home to a range of funded and student-led projects, the DEN provides pathways for local and global participation, experience in field research, workshops, short courses, and conferences. The Network’s international university and NGO links enable students to learn in a global environment and to share knowledge with practitioners, both in London and abroad. Dedicated to the proposition that democracy could mean so much more… and especially in education, DEN works with students who want practical experience, community groups who have practitioner expertise, and international universities working on issues on democracy. DEN projects share knowledge, enable participants and develop employment-enhancing democratic skills.