DEN Conference - 2024

DEN Student Conference: Learning, Collaboration and Innovation

I had the incredible opportunity to travel to London for the annual DEN conference. As an individual who is always seeking great personal growth, I was very grateful for the opportunity.

From the moment I arrived at the University of Westminster, I instantly felt supported and appreciated. Everyone I met at the conference was so welcoming and made me feel comfortable even though I am from the United States.

I enjoyed all of the time we got to explore the city of London. I was able to see more of London than I expected. Travelling as a group on the first day helped us get accustomed to the city and to each other, which I enjoyed.

After learning that I had to present at the conference, I was extremely nervous. I had never presented in front of so many people before. And to be a part of the first group of presenters was intimidating. But speaking with other students made me feel very comfortable. Also, the fact the conference was student-led made it an easily digestible and comfortable experience, given it was my first time. I learned so much about public speaking and presenting in general. The panel interview at the end was new to me as well. I recognised that we are all students in some way, and we are all learning.

I was pleased to see all of the students and professionals from all over the world. The conference was a room full of brilliant minds, which was refreshing to see. Hearing the other students present on topics that they deemed important was interesting and very informative. Some of the topics discussed were controversial, which allowed for great dialogue. For example, topics on “ the validity of United States sanctions ‘, toxic and hypermasculinity, and LGBTQIA+ rights in Thailand. I was particularly interested in these topics because they aren’t discussed often in the United States.

DEN provides a nurturing and safe environment for students to learn and grow, inspiring them to transform in unexpected ways.

Even though I had only met the students for a week, we became a close group. I can call them friends, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds at more events. I truly feel that this was such a transformative experience for me. I can apply the skills I learned from this conference to my resume and my endeavors. 

Overall, this experience was unforgettable. Thank you, DEN, for everything!

 Sanaya Warner, Morgan State University, United States

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