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The global network has completely changed my perspective on the world

Throughout this module, I had a unique opportunity to learn about a “global network” through a curated layout of critical ideas and practices. At first, I was unsure how this would connect with my studies, but it quickly became apparent. Guest lecturers in weeks two to four discussed topics such as ethics and international education, which resonated with me and linked to my course in social psychology and research methodology. Cultural values and social cues were essential when spending time in a different country.

In the latter half of the module, we had lectures on Thailand and Bangkok from Thai lecturers, which provided us with local insight into the society beforehand. We learned about the Thai economy, the constitution, and more chronic facts such as food. Every activity on the field trip impacted my perception of the “global network.” I noticed the difference in lecture style at Kasetsart University, which was more conversational and included microphones, aiding my understanding of the concepts discussed.

I also noticed the difference in interactions between Thailand and the UK while out in public. One of the most beneficial aspects of the field trip was deepening the awareness of those around you and making the most out of the networking and communicative opportunities presented. Overall, all aspects of the module linked ideally together and enabled me to develop my education and personal global awareness.

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