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Learning through cross-cultural contexts: a pathway to developing knowledge in every aspect of life

The module, Democratic Engagement in a Global Context, introduced students to cross-cultural research and international communication. After several weeks of learning different concepts, theories and history of Thailand, we had the opportunity to apply our knowledge during a field trip. The first weeks of the module focused on educational aspects, introducing scientific innovations to different cultures, and exploring outdated standards and boundaries in higher education. In the final weeks, students learned about Thai culture, customs, history, and politics, with workshops on Bangkok and the University of Kasetsart.

The field trip was the culmination of learning, where we interacted with fellow students from Kasetsart University, visited religious temples, and learned more about Thai society and politics through visits to inner Bangkok and the royal palace. The module equipped us with the skills to conduct successful cross-cultural interactions, especially when sharing knowledge and cultural backgrounds.

We gained confidence in class and were able to interact with Thai students during the field trip. The most valuable part of the module was sharing cultural, political, and economic knowledge with students from different parts of the world. We grew both academically and emotionally during the trip, learning from every possible experience.

As a student in biomedical sciences, I didn’t know what to expect initially, but the field trip exceeded my expectations. Presenting my views on the scientific field to Thai students and communicating with academics from different disciplines made me realise the importance of developing knowledge in every aspect of life. Sharing my thoughts with social sciences students was a challenge but also very rewarding. This experience taught me a lot, and I feel inspired to take what I’ve learned into my future studies and personal growth. Overall, the module and field trip were an incredible opportunity, and I’m grateful for the experience.


Gabrielle Marciano da Silva

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