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My Role Models to the University of Westminster

I never wanted to go to university and thought that instead, it might be interesting to do an apprenticeship that is connected to Politics and International Relations. However, being the youngest sibling of five sisters who have done academically well, who have been to university, and who now have great jobs, I thought that doing just an apprenticeship could not be enough. I am not saying that apprenticeships are bad, but they would not fit my families’ standards for doing certain things. My sisters are my role models even if I have never told them that.

I came to the conclusion that I want the best for myself and for my future, and this inspired me to make my own research. This helped me to understand that attending a university is exactly what will help me to achieve what I want. All my sisters had a wonderful time learning those subjects that they love, making great friends along the way. My own research included the analysis of many different universities, as I knew that this is a very important decision and I must find the course that suits me the best. What I also knew is that I want to work for the government or civil service, which meant that one of the most important criteria for the course and university I was searching for is that it should provide me with those skills and knowledge that would help me to get my dream job.

At the same time, this also highlighted a need to focus and prioritize my A-Levels. Being in Year 12 and having 6 months of lockdown, and then Year 13 and another 3 months of lockdown, I practically missed out on the “normal” college experience. However, I also wanted to do well for myself and be proud of my final college results – which I definitely am. That is why, along with doing research for universities, I was studying very hard for my A-levels, having multiple tests each week and submitting coursework. My end goal was to be proud of myself and receive the best grades I could.

Within the last 18 months, Covid has completely changed the understanding of a “normal” life. At the same time, it has also helped me to realize that I do want to experience proper university life, with all the fun and unforgettable experience that come along the way. However, these exact conditions, that I was placed in, were the reason why I chose a university, which would help me to become a better version of myself – the University of Westminster.

Zainab Rahman, 1st Year BA Politics and International Relations 

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