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Write An Essay: A Video Series

It was not that long time ago, I was sitting at my desk, struggling to remember how to write my own name, my mind was foggy…

As someone who usually has got no problem with writing, and certainly not talking, at that moment, I was not capable of composing a simple, ordinary sentence. Is that possible? I needed to understand what the cause might be.

Everything fell into the right place only a few hours after submitting my very first-course work – essay writing. The obstacle was my own mind and waves of anxieties. Regardless of being familiar with the topic, I was going to write about, and regardless of being provided with all the tutorials and handbooks, I well-overthought everything to the limits when the brain suddenly decided to stop processing any more information and put itself into, let’s call it, a ‘standby mode.’ A clear example, our minds are the most powerful tools we possess.

I somehow feel, there might be quite a bunch of others, recognising themself in this story. I spoke, and I reached out for help. And who would be the best to offer some tips and tricks? – Students, of course. And this is what we have come with:

A team of Westminster students have joined forces to create a short, informative video filled with information on how to write a great essay! We are interviewing fellow students to get their take on the essay writing process. While recognizing that we all probably share similar anxieties when it comes to essay writing, we also realize that each of us probably has a few tips they can share, which might help the rest of us.

We have compiled a video full of their tips and tricks, which cover a range of useful information. From methods to intro/body/conclusion help to the sharing of various challenges we all face when it comes to writing, our video covers it all! We are hopeful that anxieties will be relieved, and knowledge will be shared–student to student.

We recognize that our tutors provide us with an array of useful resources to tackle essay writing and coursework, and these do provide us with important information on the technical aspects of these tasks. However, our video series offers a way for students to have their questions answered by other students, who can, in addition, share their general perspectives on the best ways to tackle essay writing. In this way, we are providing more than just the information you can find in a module handbook or essay writing PowerPoint – we are building a platform where you can connect with other students and talk about a shared experience, and along the way learn tips and tricks that your tutors might not have given you!


Anushka  Parakova, Year 1, BA (Hons) International Relations and Development

Cassidy Mattingly, Graduate and Alumni, BA (Hons) International Relations and Development

Gerda Kisanna  Kovacs, BA Sociology and Criminology 

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