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My Journey to the University of Westminster 

I am proud that I have made it to university after a tough time in Sixth Form studying A-Levels. I was always confused about what I wanted to learn and do with my future – and I then took the time to sit down and look down every path that I thought would be of interest to me. I chose to study International Relations and Development (R&D) at Westminster, which I have now completed in the foundation year and am ready to get into the main course. 

I always enjoyed schooling and learning; however, after being diagnosed with Glandular Fever in 2019, I tend to get overwhelmed and stressed even over minor things involving my education. So far, it has not affected me to the point that I have had to take another break (I took a year out of the sixth form). 

My biggest worry is that I might not make many friends, I commute to University from Bedfordshire so that I won’t meet people in accommodation from other courses, and I can be pretty shy. I also fear that I may fall behind as the years pass into the course, and I want to keep my motivation high so this doesn’t happen. 

However, I look forward to having the opportunity to make new friends. The students in my course undoubtedly share interests with me, and I love meeting people from all over the world, which I have had the honour to do in one of my other Seminars. I also look forward to any future Field Trips. I love travelling, but I find those typical ‘beach holidays can be pretty dull; the Field Trips at Westminster sound exciting, and hopefully, one day, I can participate. 

I am fortunate to say I’ve never been deeply affected by a political event/issue. However, there are some that I’ve been interested in/upset by. For example, in 2020, when Trump officially pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement and reduced financial aid to the Green Climate fund, I felt this was a huge step back for humanity. I fear he will be removed from the agreement once again if he runs for and wins the presidency in 2024. 

Katie Jayne, Year 1, BA (Hons), International Relations and Development 

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