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My Journey to the University of Westminster: the Third Year Seems Like a Short Distance

My initial perception before joining the University was that it seemed daunting, as the University is situated just outside Oxford Circus tube station. However, I had often seen the University while passing through that part of London. The looming buildings look intimidating, but once you step through the doors, you notice how welcoming the University is. 

My school did an excellent job of preparing me for University, be it through talks by University students or by having University fairs in which different Universities came to talk about what they had to offer. 

I was lucky that the University of Westminster came to my school and spoke about what they provided, the expected grades and how easy or hard it may be to get on to my course.  They answered all my questions and left me feeling reassured about my ability to get into the University.  I could imagine what my life would be like as a student at that University. 

I decided to do a Politics and International Relations course because of my love of politics; this all began when my mum taught me about the suffragette movement and how important. Her story inspired me to involve in politics and to have a voice about what happens around me politically. 

I was initially going to do a straight politics degree. Still, upon attending an open day hosted by the University of Westminster, I discovered my interest in international relations and how it would greatly help me get the job. 

I want to have a deep understanding of world politics. As a bit of context, I want to become a journalist who writes about political and social issues in the UK and worldwide.

My experience whilst being at the University has been great so far. I have made some good friends, and the professors have been welcoming and helpful when answering any questions I may have.

Furthermore, the older students aren’t as daunting as they seem and are always up for helping to point you in the right direction. The University of Westminster is a

genuinely welcoming place that offers many activities and a great support system for all who join. 

Within my next three months at the University, I

expect to gain some knowledge I will use throughout my degree. This first semester is like a building block allowing you to access the world of politics and international relations. These are the fundamentals of my degree, so even though it may feel incredibly overwhelming and difficult to grasp by the time you are in the third year, it will seem like a piece of cake.

Emma Scott Forshaw, Year 1, BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations

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