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My Journey to the University of Westminster 

Before deciding to apply and accept my offer at the University of Westminster, I was cautious. It was a difficult decision as I was anxious about my future. I had a terrible university experience last year that created anxiety about not making the best choice for me. I was looking for a university that would allow me to be myself and to build and stand for my opinions. Most importantly, that matches my values: respect, communication, encouragement and assistance. With Westminster, I found these and more. It offers excellent international opportunities to students, and the course I’ve chosen provides exciting content and encourages me to reflect, analyse, and critique while learning. Being from France and having studied my whole life in a French system where facts are more important than reflection and opinions, I was looking for this reflective and critical spirit which is essential for me in the field of politics and international relations. Since starting my university journey at Westminster, I have been thrilled with what I have experienced so far at the University of Westminster. It corresponds entirely with my idea before joining: my course is so interesting, and the professors are, apart from being professional, captivating and engaging, very kind and helpful. They give us the desire to work hard and do our best to enrich, mature and be an active and enthusiastic citizen of the world. One of my anxieties was also not being able to discover people and make friends. In France, I came from a small city where we almost all follow the same journey: if we are from a particular elementary school, you are going to a specific high school, so we practically know all our classmates for years and years. Hence, coming to the capital with millions of people, I thought it would be challenging to bond with each other. I did not talk to everyone yet as it is the beginning of the year, but everyone is very kind and open since we are all in the same situation. Also, the university provides a lot of societies, either social communities or sports teams, that allow us to meet many people in different atmospheres from numerous degrees. Since beginning my journey here, I am glad I have chosen this university. I am very excited to continue my journey here, to learn, meet people, discuss, debate, and enjoy this new but so exciting and intriguing experience, life. 

Amber Zattara, Year 1, BA (Hons), International Relations and Development 

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