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Improve the world a better place for ourselves and future generations

Improve the world a better place for ourselves and future generations

Our global community is united in the pursuit of a better world. We are determined to tackle the pressing issues of violence, racism, and climate change. We engage in constructive discussions, organize press conferences, and pass laws to promote climate preservation. However, we recognize that our efforts need to be evaluated for their effectiveness and extended to developing nations beyond Europe.

For instance, the African-Russian summit may have been considered a failure by the UK, but it has a promising future for African countries. We believe that this presents a unique opportunity to build an industrial center in the Suez Canal, which can help spur economic growth and development in the region while ensuring environmental sustainability.

As we strive to make necessary changes in developed countries, we must also consider the impact on developing nations. We must ensure that we do not allow some parts of the world to remain oppressed and impoverished while we pursue our goals. Our moral duty is to work together to create a fair and just world for everyone.

We also recognise that persuading countries like China and India to commit to environmental preservation and avoid conflict is challenging. However, we can work towards a sustainable future for all by engaging in constructive dialogue and cooperation.

Furthermore, we understand that developed countries such as Western Europe and the USA must reduce their dependence on fossil fuels to become eco-friendly. This transition cannot happen overnight, but we are committed to working towards it. Investing in clean energy and promoting sustainable practices can create a better future for everyone.

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