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Embracing Bangkok: My Unexpected Adventure

I never thought I’d be living and working in Bangkok for seven months, but here I am. I’m interning at Humanitarian Affairs Asia as a Social Impact Intern, helping organize the 3rd Global Peace Summit for January 2024. In addition to my internship under the Ministry of Education of Thailand, I volunteered as an English teacher in a Thai primary school for Grade 3.

When I began my internship, I was fortunate to participate in the University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. This event, organized by Humanitarian Affairs Asia, gave me a glimpse of what the peace summit would entail and was an unforgettable experience. Throughout the symposium, my fellow interns and I acted as crew members and assisted in organizing the event by supporting guest speakers, moderating UN agency workshops, and guiding delegates. It was an excellent opportunity to meet and converse with students from various countries and UN agencies.

Daily, I coordinate with universities worldwide through emails and calls. My main focus is to recruit and assist them in identifying exceptional students to participate in the Peace Summit. Our goal with the 3rd Global Peace Summit is to empower young leaders and amplify their voices advocating peace. Apart from this, I have also been appointed Event Manager, where I help plan and execute various office events. These events range from organizing birthday celebrations for our interns to coordinating visits from esteemed professors and organizations. This experience was enjoyable and enlightening, allowing me to take on new, challenging responsibilities and improve my organizational skills. Working with a team of interns who share my passion for social change has been inspiring and educational. I have learned a lot from my colleagues, and it is gratifying to work with them.

Apart from my internship, I also volunteer as an English teacher at a primary school in Bangkok every week. Currently, I am teaching Grade 3 students, and it’s heart-warming to see the enthusiasm we share for our lessons. This experience has been incredibly fulfilling, as the students are eager to improve their English skills.

During my free time, my fellow interns and I explore the vibrant city of Bangkok. We visit museums, art galleries, and various neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm. Bangkok has social spots like cafes and jazz bars, offering fascinating experiences. I’ve had the chance to explore the floating market, museums, art galleries, and the iconic temples that pepper the city, each with its rich history.

It’s been a month since I arrived in Bangkok, and I can confidently say I’ve fallen in love with this city. The local Thai people are amiable and welcoming, making me feel at home. Bangkok’s uniqueness and scorching heat make it an unforgettable place to live and work. So far in this internship, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with people worldwide. It has always been my dream to work in an NGO and live abroad, and I am so happy to participate in this incredible opportunity! As I continue my journey in Bangkok, I look forward to discovering more of its hidden treasures, embracing its warmth, and contributing to the vital work at Humanitarian Affairs Asia. This city has exceeded my expectations, and I can’t wait to see what the next five months have in store.

Momina Nehmat

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