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Responsibility to create a better future for everyone

From a young age, I have been deeply committed to volunteering and giving back to my community and country. This passion has led me to work with numerous charities and non-governmental organizations over the years. With a degree in International Relations, I am driven to make a significant impact on a global level, by enhancing the role of NGOs and charities, and authentically representing governments in international affairs.
Pursuing a degree in International Relations and International Development is an excellent choice for young individuals who aspire to be leaders and change-makers, and want to make a positive impact on a global level. Frequently, we may find ourselves questioning why certain conflicts or crises do not receive as much media attention, or why world political leaders do not take action in response to genocide. Sadly, the answer to these questions is often that it is simply the way things are. However, as young people, we possess the capability to challenge this status quo and shape a brighter future through education.
The Centre for the Study of Democracy at Westminster University hosts seminars, public lectures, and conferences featuring renowned speakers. Their comprehensive teaching program offers intriguing modules, volunteer opportunities, and a chance to work abroad for a year. Plus, their social sciences campus is conveniently located close to the birthplace of British politics. It’s no wonder that studying at Westminster is highly attractive for those interested in politics or international relations. As we embark on our individual journeys, it’s crucial to remember that we, the next generation of leaders, have a responsibility to create a better future for everyone. Whether it’s advocating for human rights or resolving global conflicts, we must always remind ourselves that we can work together to build a more compassionate world. With our collective efforts, we can transform the status quo into an ideal state of affairs.

Buse Demirci 

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