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Impact of the past on the future

Back in Year 11, I was unsure what I wanted to do when I finished school. My choices were somewhere between business and economics, but I still did not feel that it was something I wanted to connect my life with. My permanent decision about my future career was made after a tragic event: the war in my home country – Ukraine. I could not understand how such a horrible action is still happening in the 21st century
and why there was nothing to prevent it. I was not interested in politics in the past at all, but this event has led to me developing my knowledge and discovering different historical events. Reading news about my country has outgrown my interest in politics and global diplomacy, leading to my choosing international relations as my degree.

Choosing where to study was hard, as I wanted my future university to give me opportunities to gain the skills and knowledge that I will need for my future career in international organisations. Reading the summary of my course at the University of Westminster made me choose this institution because, besides the modules that I find interesting to study, it also hosts the Centre for the Study of Democracy, invites high-profile speakers for seminars, lectures or conferences that will share their ideas and knowledge with the students. I was also interested in joining the Democratic Education Network, which will allow me to work on different projects and exchange my skills and familiarity with the other members.

After I finish my studies, I see myself working in NGOs such as Amnesty International or international organisations such as the UN. I want to positively impact our world by providing aid to the countries that need it and maintaining diplomacy between every state. It is essential that political leaders will not repeat the actions of their ancestors in the future. As we can see now by the multiple conflicts between countries, there is nothing but ruins and losses resulting from it. I will aim to prevent such events and protect citizens’ rights.

I believe that my university will give me the knowledge and skills that will help me
achieve my goal.

Marharyta Andreieva

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