Where do I get my knowledge from?

My school is where I learn the most, socialising, learning how to communicate through different languages, basic education and knowledge, for example, Maths, English and Science. Without school, I doubt I would be this confident. I build my confidence with different people and learn how to behave around those I am surrounded by. I learn about diversity, acceptance and how important mental health is. I also learn how to manage my finances as I tend to overspend and realise how I should have proper priorities. Responsibility, empathy, attention to detail and resilience are a few more things I learn from school. I learn how I need to take responsibility for my actions and performance academically. I also comprehend why I should only sometimes depend on others because that could lead to negligent misstatement. 

I learn many things from my household, such as culture, manners, tradition, love for family, cooking, and handling situations. My home is where I feel safe and loved. It is here where I learnt to be appreciative and grateful too. Discipline and patience are of learning at home, and these things make up a good human being with a stable mentality. Although there may be hardships at home, dealing with different challenges. 

A mosque is where I learn about my religion, how to read and write Arabic, and how to pray. Without a mosque, I wouldn’t have realised much about my faith. It also teaches me to be grateful for whatever has happened to me. I believe that everything happens for a reason. My mosque assisted me in getting closer to God and acknowledging the importance of my religion, not only my faith but teaches me the crucialness of modesty and why some things are forbidden, which all makes sense in the end. 

A beach makes me feel therapeutic and tranquil. If I am stressed about something, I always take some fresh air and observe a nice view, especially if there’s a sunset. I find sunset peaceful, and it instantly changes my mood; it also reminds me that this life has beautiful things and places. In addition, it leads me to be more open-minded about situations, teaches me how to relax my mind, and helps me think better and positively.

A library has taught me that a peaceful environment is vital for your brain to absorb information and that people make learning very important. I can focus better in the library because my home environment is noisy. A library makes me realise how creative people are with stories they write in a book. It makes me realise how knowledgeable writers can be and that readers like different genres of books. Finally, the library showed me how a little bit of noise could distract someone so quickly; that’s why quietness is vital in libraries and to focus correctly.

Mayisa Mirdha, Studying Level 3 Extended Certificates, Leyton Sixth Form College. 

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