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Curiosity and Learning 

I have always been curious about the events happening around me. Therefore, I am looking forward to learning about the world of politics and international relations. Curiosity has also encouraged me to develop my research skills over the last few years.

Since primary school, I have been motivated to support my community through the social network. For example, my school organised food and clothes collections to help the poor. Seeing the smiles and hearing thanks from the poor people gave me a sense of hope because it allowed me to know that, at my young age, I could already be making a positive change in other people’s lives.

As a first-year student, I primarily worry about getting bad grades, failing to adapt to this new life routine, or running out of money unexpectedly. On the other hand, I’m more nervous about being alone without friends. 

I expect to learn how politics is a matter of discussion and interpretation, with several points of view expressed differently. I also hope to learn about how to maintain diplomacy in politics. 

I want to find answers to many of the doubts I have about the conflicts in the world. For example, why do wars continue to exist, or why are the least developed countries poor? In addition, I also hope to learn and develop my skills because I want to volunteer abroad or gain work experience related to my course.

The most significant political issue that has impacted me is the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The images of tanks and soldiers on the street corners waiting to fight on the newspaper’s front page are unpleasant. 

I was only 13 years old when I saw this picture in the newspaper. Of course, I now know this is part of the history books, but seeing it in a newspaper as part of the news made me wonder: why is this happening in the 21st century?

I hope to learn about wars and conflicts such as Israel and Palestine and various solutions. Finally, I want to know how these new ideas will change my thoughts.  

Illari Rimarachin Martinez, Year 1, BA (Hons), International Relations and Development.

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