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The Leap into Adulthood – My Journey to University

During my time in secondary school, no one would have expected me to go to the University of Westminster and pursue a degree in politics. Even recently, when I met some secondary school teachers, they were dumbfounded to find out that I even made it past 6th form. I passed my GCSEs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I got accepted into the local Six Form Centre with my expected grades. I used that as a turning point, put my head down, and got on with my work, studying two A Levels: Politics, Psychology, and a BTEC in Business. I could pass my A-Levels even though part of it was online. 

I was nervous leading up to results day; however, I still had a slight sense of excitement due to the prospect of beginning a new chapter of my life. However, when I received my A-Levels, I was slightly disappointed because I did not get into my firm choice, the University of Surrey. Nevertheless, I was still happy to get into my insurance choice, the University of Westminster. 

In the last few months of the summer holidays, I worked at my local Amazon warehouse between 5 am to 11:30 am, with a long commute through a dark and remote area. Lack of sleep and an excruciating workload made me very tired. I was counting down the days for the University. I had a high sense of excitement at first, but when it came within a week and after ending my assignment at my job, I was very happy! At the beginning of arrivals week, my first day was in the Portland Lecture Hall for the induction. It was slightly intimidating at first. However, when it came to being introduced to my form tutor and the students, I felt more comfortable asking questions and being reassured about my worries about the University. I now feel entirely satisfied in my new learning environment, even though it was completely unknown before.

In the next three months, I wish to learn more about politics and international relations from different perspectives. I want to research and form my own political opinions.

Hasan Mahmood, Year 1, BA (Hons) Politics

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