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My Journey to the University of Westminster 

Before joining Westminster, I felt I would be at a disadvantage compared to my peers attending Russell Group universities. However, upon arriving and meeting my lecturers and seminar leaders, I have the support and help I need to be successful in my course. I also have made friends with similar interests, which has made University even more fun.

My school often suggested we visit university open days and have a feel of the type of content and learning style we may come across when studying for the degree we may choose. I attended an open day at another university to confirm if University was the correct route for me. My school also prepared assemblies with speakers from universities who gave an insight into life at University and general help with the application process. 

Initially, I applied for psychology at Westminster; however, during the gap post-exams and results day, I changed my mind and started looking into modules on the Politics and International relation course. 

I appreciate how politics is very current and dynamic, and this degree would let me develop and grow my mindset and social awareness. Westminster is also a great place to study as it reflects London’s diversity and many opportunities nearby.

I spoke with my brother, who graduated from LSE this year. He encouraged me to study a subject I enjoy and gain work experience to apply my knowledge in a field and boost my employability.

I have been at the University for two weeks and have enjoyed it so far. Everyone is so friendly and always happy to help, I still need directions to get my way around, and there will always be someone to help me! I am also enjoying my course as I can speak about issues that matter to me, and I can always relate to something in each lecture or seminar, as politics does affect everyone.

I plan to expand my knowledge of Politics and International Relations and confidently talk about different issues that matter to us. 

Gurwinder Ghuman, Year 1, BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations

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