DEN's International Student Conference

“Sustainable Development in A Diverse And Unequal World: Actions Speak Louder Than Words?” My Reflection 

The Democratic Educational Network held its 6th Annual Conference on May 12th, 2023, at the University of Westminster, in conjunction with the “Racism in Higher Education and Beyond” conference the day before, and was very successful. Both conferences brought together educators, students, researchers, and activists to discuss and present their ideas on achieving sustainable development in a diverse and unequal world.

I had the privilege of attending the conference, organizing, and presenting my work, “Colonial Legacies.” The two-day event featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations that revolved around the conference’s theme, “Sustainable Development in a Diverse and Unequal World.”

The speakers emphasized the importance of sustainable development, the challenges we face in achieving it, and the role of education in creating a sustainable future. The panel discussions were the highlight of the conference as students from different fields, including education, environment, and social justice, engaged in lively, informative, and thought-provoking discussions.

The discussions covered issues such as social inequality, cultural diversity, and the role of education in achieving sustainable development. The panellists provided theoretical concepts, practical solutions, and examples of initiatives that are making a positive difference in the world.

My presentation focused on the impact of colonialism and its effects in the 21st century. I argued that colonialism has a legacy in its former colonies, such as India and Sudan, and that we need to acknowledge and address this legacy to create a more equitable global society.

The conferences were a resounding success, providing a platform for meaningful discussions and presentations on sustainable development, education, and social justice. It afforded me the opportunity to organize a panel discussion and present my work, and I look forward to attending future conferences and continuing to engage with other students and activists who are working towards a more sustainable and just world.

Maliha Hussain, University of Westminster

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