DEN's International Student Conference

What an absolute pleasure to have participated in The DEN Student Conference 2023

As a Business Lecture and a passionate coach and mentor for Social Entrepreneurs, I was blown away by the day. Neither the student nor I were aware of what to expect and what a surprise it was to witness students passionately outlining complex political, socio-economic, and environmental topics. The presentations were kept short and to the point for students to express the effects these topics have on people from all walks of life globally, and all in ca 10min, each presentation was very impressive. This structure is very apt for consuming information and useful to cover the theme of sustainability in an unequal world, and covering such a berth of topics and points of view was the most compelling.  The presentations highlighted long-forgotten issues and gave perspective on new opinions our vocational younger students from City and Islington Business and Enterprise can further explore and better understand.  The opportunity to talk on stage in front of University students and practice public speaking is truly an honour for us all.  The college students truly get an experience they will forever remember and will impact their futures.  

Salima Abdallah| Lecturer in Business | Digital Leader

Capital City College Group

Centre for Business Arts & Technology | Enterprise &Business

City & Islington College | 444 Camden Road | London N7 0SP

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