DEN Conference - 2024

DEN Conference: An Enriching Experience

Participating in the “Democratic Engagement in the International Context” module, exploring the published book, and presenting it at DEN’s conference was a transformative and profoundly enriching experience for me. The conference was a vibrant exchange of ideas, debates, and insights, attracting diverse thinkers and students from different countries. Being in the presence of such committed individuals, each offering their distinct viewpoints on fostering and safeguarding democratic values across various nations and cultures, was truly inspiring.

The dialogues at the conference, covering topics from democracy and equality to diplomacy and colonialism, profoundly resonated with me. I was particularly captivated by discussions on the challenges faced by democracies worldwide and the creative strategies being employed to navigate these hurdles.

I was moving from the energetic atmosphere of the conference to the book allowed for a deeper contemplation and assimilation of the discussions. The book’s thoroughly researched chapters presented an opportunity to reflect on the abundance of knowledge shared at the conference. Having the chance to contribute my article to this book was also a gratifying experience.

What struck me notably was the focus on inclusivity and the crucial function of civil society, a theme recurrent in both the conference and the book. This emphasis on making sure every voice is heard and valued in the democratic dialogue underscored the significance of inclusivity in the democratic process.

For me, participating in the conference and delving into the book has broadened my understanding of the intricacies of democracy in the contemporary world. It has prompted me to reflect more deeply on my responsibility as a democratic citizen and how I can play a part in reinforcing democratic ideals. The experience has not only intensified my appreciation for democracy but also ignited a commitment to continue exploring these topics and engage in meaningful conversations with my student’s peers.

Alina Maksakova 

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