DEN Conference - 2024

An Unforgettable Journey: My DEN Conference Experience

As I began the process of creating a presentation based on my paper for the book ‘Social Movements and the Anti-Apartheid in South Africa’, I found myself deeply immersed in it. The piece, the result of my intellectual curiosity and thorough investigation, began to take on a new shape as I converted it into a graphic format. Converting verbose arguments into concise, consumable slides was a challenging but rewarding exercise for me. Each presentation added life to my research, transforming static text into a dynamic narrative. The process of presenting my findings to my peers was a rewarding experience, the pinnacle of my efforts and dedication.

The moment I stepped onto the platform to present my paper; I felt a rush of exhilaration. It was a mix of nerves and exhilaration that I had felt before but never lost its intensity. The initial worry quickly gave way to a sensation of elation. As I presented my work to my peers, I felt a rush of satisfaction wash over me. Each slide represented a chapter of the story I was telling, and each point exemplified the countless hours of study I had done. The excitement of delivering a paper never fades, and each time comes its own unique combination of benefits and obstacles.

Being granted the opportunity to chair a conference was an entirely new experience for me. As I accepted this new responsibility, I felt a combination of nervousness and excitement. Despite the first anxieties, the experience was fulfilling. It was a valuable experience that allowed each presenter in my group to answer questions and actively engage with the audience. The job of chairperson is critical in ensuring a smooth and engaging discussion, and I was delighted to participate to this process.

Reflecting on the entire conference, it was a combination of knowledge, teamwork, and shared passion. The speeches covered a wide range of themes, with each providing a unique perspective and making a lasting impression on the audience’s thoughts. The event was perfectly organised, with a smooth flow of sessions that allowed for maximum engagement and no distractions.

The food experience at the conference was a pleasant surprise. The dinner was a Persian feast, with a variety of flavours and textures to satisfy the senses. The lunch, albeit more modest, held its own with a good variety of foods. The food selections were thoughtfully prepared and brought a personal touch to the event, making it a delightful experience in addition to the intellectual exchange. Being with other DEN members and our summer school friends from Thailand, Vietnam, and America was especially enjoyable, as it allowed us to create memories.

To summarise, the conference was a symphony of intellectual engagement, engaging talks, delicious food, and well-executed event management. It was an event that made a lasting impression, demonstrating the potential of shared knowledge and joint efforts.

Maliha Hussain

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