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Before joining the University of Westminster, I was a nervous wreck. Firstly, I had completely changed my mind over what I wanted to study and thus lost my place at my first choice university. This meant that I had to do some intense research to find something else – a place with a convenient location, atmospheric campuses and great facilities, all in a very short period of time.

Westminster was the perfect choice and I received a place through Clearing. Attending an Open Day reassured me that I made the right choice – the staff members were really energetic, passionate and caring. I loved the building, it looked really sophisticated, and most importantly a comfortable environment for learning.  

All my perceptions of university life were true. It’s a very social place, filled with people from all around the world. This is one of the many things that the University of Westminster is praised for – its diversity. Thus you will always find someone you can relate to, and that is a good way to calm any anxiety you may have. Westminster respects and values all backgrounds, cultures and religions.

I found that it is key to speak to people and make friends because apart from your seminar leaders, tutors and lecturers, friends are the ones who will support and understand you as we are all walking the same road. In times of confusion, it is simple to contact them and stay on track.

I enjoy my lectures, purely because it is evident that the lecturers enjoy their job. They are passionate and highly knowledgeable of their sphere. As a student of Politics and International Relations, I enjoy those who make me question our reality and surroundings, those who encourage deep thinking and discussions. In doing so, it allows me to form my own beliefs and viewpoints but also, understand the opinions of others. Politics and International Relations is a subject that involve a lot of debate. It teaches to us to respect each others’ opinions and avoid conflict, which there is lack of in the real world.  

There are so many amazing opportunities and societies at Westminster which you should not take for granted. If you feel that there is something missing, you could always make your own! So far, I have joined the Rowing society and even though I have never rowed before, University is the place where you should try new things, get out of your comfort zone, because you could discover your hidden talents. Don’t limit yourself, make new connections and most importantly discover yourself as an individual.

I have also joined the Democratic Education Network, where there are many different projects running, my choice being one of organizing an event, to celebrate the notion of gender equality. Becoming a member of such societies is an amazing way to build a stronger sense of community, voice your opinion and make lifelong memories.  

So be creative, be ambitious, inspire yourself and others but most importantly enjoy your time, here at Westminster!

Sabine Bombane 

B.A. Politics and International Relations(H) (First Year)

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