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Start of something new

Before I started University, I was scared, nervous and at the same time excited. As an international student, I didn’t know what to expect. Moving to a new country is already terrifying itself but starting a completely new life by myself away from everything I’ve ever known made me consider going back home several times before I had even started my actual classes. The first day at University, during enrollment week, was the most thrilling experience ever. I, like most other first-year students, didn’t know what to expect and had no idea what was happening around me most of the times but the University, the professors and the other students seemed so welcoming that I felt right at home from the first day.

Enrollment week was such an incredible experience, we got to meet our future classmates and make bonds that will grow over the period of next three years at the University. We met our professors and become more at ease with university life. During the enrollment process, we also met second and third-year students who helped us getting used to the new chapter in our lives as they know exactly what we are feeling and going through.

The first actual week of classes is so frightening but at the same time very interesting and intriguing. It’s the first time we actually get to experience University as a whole. Every professor at Westminster makes the students actually want to be present, participate and be interested in the class. Of course like in any other university each professor has their own way of teaching just like any student has their own method of studying and working. Most lecturers engage with students and communicate, hear them and try to make every class and lecture thought-provoking for every person present. Professors and lecturers at the University of Westminster are the most approachable people I’ve met in my academic life, they genuinely care about their students.

Other than classes Westminster offers so many diverse societies and teams that anyone can be a part of. From the sports teams to Volunteering groups and societies, Westminster has so much to offer and ranging possibilities for students to find something they are passionate about and to be able to juggle both university life and a hobby. I chose to be a part of DEN (Democratic Education Network), because I wanted to be part of a group where I could volunteer and meet new people.

Inside DEN everyone is warm and friendly who are ready to help with any issue that we may have or face during our journey at Westminster. As a member of DEN, we can choose what project we want to participate in. I personally picked STAR (Student Action for Refugees) because it’s a cause I truly believe in and wanted to find a way to help; change the perspective people have of refugees.

The friendships you make at the university are also one of a kind. I’ve never met people who are so different from me but also who I have so much in common with me at the same time. Westminster is the most diverse school in the country and that is certainly not just a title to brag about. We have ranging different nationalities and cultures that we meet every day, even outside of class, we can learn something from someone we just met. Westminster is such an accepting place that no matter where you come from, your religion, sexuality, and race everyone treats you like your equal and will make you feel like you belong.

Before coming here I wasn’t sure of what I was doing, if I had chosen the right course or if I would fit in. Even after only being here for 3 weeks, I know for sure that coming to Westminster was the best decision I have made in my life.

Barbara Ribeiro

B.A International Relations (H) (First Year)


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