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My Experience in the University of Westmisnter

I’m an international student at the University of Westminster. Although I’m in my final year of study in this great university, I cannot forget the day when I first applied to register in it.

My dream of becoming a highly qualified graduate from a top-notch, well-recognised, well-reputed university with excellent teaching staff was the impetus to take the decision of studying at Westminster University. During my first year at the University, I recognised that it gives more educational opportunities than I expected. For example, I noticed that the University has a large number of international students from more than 150 countries around the world, this gives me a great opportunity of meeting people from various educational and cultural backgrounds. Also, getting to know the students helped me gain global experience that will be of great value to my potential employers after graduation. Moreover, the university provides a diversified range of services as well as activities for international students, including “the International Students’ Welcome Program”, which gives me a great opportunity to socialise with other fellow students, identify the campus and discover London as an international student. Furthermore, upon my arrival to the university, student affairs provided me with full information package including all necessary details of enrolment, healthcare, as well as all necessary information and advice. Additionally, the university is situated at the heart of vibrant London and has a large network of partner institutions, which could provide work, training, study as well as other placement opportunities for their students. All this optimised my enthusiasm to study and excel at the university. My experience at the University of Westminster includes many positive encounters and some difficulties that were overcome with effort and help from the faculty.

One of the positive encounters at the University of Westminster is the choice of my Major, which is International Relations and Development. I really enjoy studying this challenging major at the university because it gives me full understanding of many fields of knowledge, including politics, history, law and economics as well. Also, this major empowers me to examine complex development challenges, including migration, conflict, inequality as well as climate change. Another positive encounter is the lecturers and their positive attitude towards us as students. Our lecturers at Westminster university really get involved with students. They encouraged me to learn how to analyse information and make related inferences and arguments. I can always trust to ask any questions and inquiries about the related subject from the faculty since they are highly experienced and specialised with a great academic background.

One of the significant difficulties that faced me during my study at Westminster university is my persistent feeling of homesickness. However, since I’m in an international campus hosting many international students like me, this minimised this feeling of homesickness a lot. I kept engaging with other students from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa and sharing my experiences helped me gain communication skills and be open minded to other people’s cultures. Further, it gave me confidence to work in a multinational context after graduation since I gained solid experience in communicating with people from various cultural backgrounds.

I feel great pride being one of the students of this great university that continues to provide me with great knowledge, experience, communication and future opportunities that will prepare me with a future career.


Sara Aldossary, third year International Relations and Development student

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