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Student Interviews Pt. 1: Meet Quyen

In the above interview Inside Westminster speaks to Vu Hanh Quyen, Third Year student of International Studies at Ha Noi University. The following is a partial transcription of the video.

What was your perception of the University of Westminster before you met us?

“I knew of your university from being previously employed as a translator for a scholarship website. The University of Westminster is a popular destination for Vietnamese students looking to study abroad and your department has a reputation for being good at your majors.”

What excites you the most about this international exchange?

“When I met you guys here, I found you all to be really friendly, and you showed me a lot of new things. You also, asked us a lot of questions and it motivated us to “Google it” and know more about our own country.”

What do you expect from this international exchange?

“I hope you guys will share with me more about your countries, your university etc. I would also be interested in knowing more about your society and how it handles major changes and events.”

How do you think this program will impact on your life?

“Through this event I have had the chance to communicate with a lot of people from different cultures, with different perspectives and different knowledge. It’s very interesting and I think I can enhance my communication skills, and become more confident while talking to people from outside Vietnam.”

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