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Student Interviews Pt. 2: A Chat with Linh


In this video Inside Westminster chats with Nguyen Nhat linh, Third Year International Studies student at Ha Noi University and, very fortunately for us, part- time professional tour guide! The following is a partial transcription of the interview.

What was your perception of us, if you had one, before we came here?

“I was quite excited to see you guys because this was the first time such a big group had come visiting to my university. When I first saw you it was like a blast because you guys are so energetic at the airport and that made a big impression on me!”

What do you expect from this international exchange?

“I love travelling but I don’t always have the money for it. So what I would really love to meet new people,  to gain more experiences and hear your stories. I am also hoping to learn about your studies because our majors are similar and to share stories from our daily lives and about Vietnam.”

How do you think this program will have an impact on your life?

“When I first took on this group (of us students/tourists) I was not sure if I would make a good leader because I am still young and haven’t much experience. I think I am making mistakes but I am also learning to fix it. I am also learning a lot from Mr. Farhang (the lecturer who accompanied us on the trip) who has been teaching me a lot of things and has made me feel very welcome and at home.”

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