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Making the Best Out of a Situation 

I only applied to the University of Westminster as one of my five UCAS choices. I did not choose Westminster as my original clearing choice, yet here I am. Opening that envelope on A-level results day made me shatter. I was one grade off from my firm choice – and my insurance requirements were higher than my firm – silly move. As someone who always plans their next move, I was distraught, knowing my plans had drastically changed. 

After a while, I chose the University of Westminster. Therefore, the undergraduate course that I will be studying is Politics and international relations. 

When I heard about the many global opportunities Westminster offers – from a 10-day volunteering trip to a semester abroad, I started to think about going down these routes. Already I felt better about giving Westminster a chance instead of taking a gap year. So why politics and International relations? One day in 2015, I watched the CBBC Newsround about the general election. When I saw that David Cameron won the election, I wanted to know more about how this whole process worked. Fast forward a year, and the news was speaking about the Brexit referendum. Again, I felt the need to know more! I studied politics at GCSE level ( via citizenship ), at A-level and now as an undergraduate degree! I am very excited about what is to come in the next three years and the knowledge I will gain. I completed the first two weeks here at the University of Westminster and feel more confident about my upcoming lectures and seminars. This is because I felt welcomed by all the lecturers and my tutor.

Furthermore, I joined a few societies to get to know people. As a commuter, I must ensure that I get the best university experience possible. In the next three months, I hope to have made some good friends, get a job as a student ambassador and do well in my modules. Moreover, I want to develop my employability skills so I have a better chance of getting spring internships this year. Making the best out of any situation will drive you to become a successful person; anything is possible with a work ethic, from careers to just making yourself a better human being.

Maliha Hussain, Year 1, BA (Hons), BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations 

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