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Love At First Sight – Westminster – Blog Review

“Follow your guts” is often the most sincere influence in picking the option that best suit you among the ones that are displayed throughout your lifetime. The gut feeling is the immediate understanding of something, a very personal feeling and the ultimate act of self-trusting as you’re the one making the call.

Anna Parakova is a young adult in her late twenties who made all the way to London guided by her heightened hunch. She decided to move to this dynamic and open city looking for an opportunity that would combine a successful life expectancy and her exceptionally enhanced empathy. After a long gap from her previous studies, she decided to take on a new challenge by enrolling in university.

Anna felt that the best option for her was the University of Westminster, an international environment that provides students with tools to develop their full and unique potential, where like-minded people can share experiences and opinions.

Anna shared a very inspiring and candid personal story which highlights significant points that represent a sort of obstacle for many when it comes to achieving what truly desired.

The first point Anna mentioned is moving abroad, which is a very hard decision to make because leaving the comfortable nest you grow up into feels like learning how to walk all over again. It can be scary because not knowing what the future will hold for you produces a sense of unbalance which at times becomes hard to cope with. However, the experience is exciting as well, because you’re building your life in another country from scrap.

The second point that I would like to discuss because I think it’s the most important as it applies to many aspects of life apart from university, is age. As Anna has mentioned, she was in her late twenties when she decided to embark upon a life changing experience.  Age is just a measure of time, not a prerogative which sets boundaries to specific event of life. What I mean be this is that you’re never too old compared to the average people’s age around you to decide to start doing something for yourself, don’t let the stereotype preclude anything from you and never stop working towards the person you want to become – if it’s now of in 10 years from now. Thank you Anna for challenging yourself and inspiring others at doing the same!

It would be nice to be updated on how’s Anna daily life going, how she manages to balance everything out (university life, work, friends, gym, etc).

Gaia Beatrice Giordani, BA (Hons) Politics and International Relations, Year 3.

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