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A Global Perspective Within an International Environment

My trajectory to Westminster is unique as I’m currently repeating a second year. I am a transfer student from another university. My experience as a transfer student has been quite different; regardless, so far, it has been interesting and exciting, especially since we now have the opportunity to have in-person lessons, which hasn’t been a possibility since the start of 2020. It’s been an incredible experience to start in a new environment in person as I get to interact with people of various nationalities and learn from them in person. With the pandemic taking over and countries going into lockdown, the transfer process into universities became more complicated and stalling as I started inquiring into the possibility of transferring to Westminster as its Politics department, and international environment appealed to me greatly.

I was raised in a global environment, coming from an immigrant family; a mixed upbringing.  I am from an Italian and Spanish family. I was born and raised in Venezuela, which sparked my interest in world perspectives and the coexisting of countries in a more diplomatic way. This carried onto my interests in school as I joined the Model United Nations (MUN) club and was even able to attend conferences internationally where I was able to meet people from different countries and hear their opinions on various subjects.

I always loved participating in these events, which continuously helped me grow and learn in the field of debate from an international perspective (from a global perspective/within an international environment). During my induction week at the university, I met with students from exciting backgrounds and ethnicities and seasoned lecturers with exciting perspectives. In just a week of interactions, I walked into a lecture theatre, interesting in different points of view and experiences. It was a great way to start at a new university and attend the classes after the pandemic. In my thus far short experience at Westminster, I have been welcomed into the university’s unique habitat, from its lecturers to its buildings to its fellow students. I feel the place has a natural international environment that has continuously inspired me as a student and as an individual. I have felt more at ease within my short time here than before during my university experience. I have participated in different opportunities, such as the mentorship program. I am currently active in the Democratic Education Network, which appeals greatly to me.  I like their international perspective and activities, as well as further exploring my interest in journalism.  I have had multiple opportunities to broaden my horizons since my arrival, and they have been nothing short of exciting, which makes me ecstatic for what’s yet to come in this adventure, which has just begun. Overall, my brief experience at the University of Westminster has been incredibly welcoming and inspiring, especially as an international student.

Victoria Eugenia Ramirez, Year 2, BA (Hons) Politics And International Relations.

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