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Behind the Scenes: DENs Annual Conference

The word ‘conference’ means to come together and voice one another’s opinions, knowledge and research. DEN’s annual conference collates students, experts and academics to share ideas about their experiences and subject matter in which I partook in DENS conference 2024.

From choosing an optional module to cross-collaborating in Thailand, here I was sat on the 7th row in London, waiting for DENS annual conference to begin marking an era of collaboration, innovation and global outlook.

2 Months Prior.

Every wednesday I’d come to DEN to peer review people’s voices, their blogs. I’d write some of my own till an opportunity to write a chapter of a book was given to me and my peers. I am a creative writing fictional writer so putting my best non-fiction writing into a book was seeming like a challenge. However, with the help of my lecturer, Farhang morady; I was able to put my research, knowiedge & voice into words on the topic of a cross-cultural research on ‘lanquage Aquision’ sharing my Knowiedge of Neuroscience to society. Some of of my peers shared their thoughts in the conference presenting key findings, insights and perspectives.

The day was structured so that a group of presenters with similar topics and ideas were sat near the stage and one person was chairing their presentations managing the 10 minute slot times. There were presenters from Uzbekistan, America, vietnam, Thailand and England with a range of interesting presentations about stock markets, law, Politics, psychology, research projects and many more.

The conference exposed me to many perspectives, outlooks, cultures, knowledge, and experiences. At the end, Farhang, Navodi, and I concluded DEN’s annual conference, where Farhang interviewed both of us about our experiences with DEN 2024, writing the book, and how it supported my professional growth. I would mark this day as a milestone for both my personal and professional development.

Overall, the conference marked a day of growth, achievements and accomplishments. Building networks and expressing my voice in a professional manner built my confidence, communication and discipline. It has been both a rewarding and self-fulfilling experience.

Kaneezah Begum

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