DEN's International Student Conference

We Gave a Great Talk

My time at Westminster University started off by being told a few days before that my group and I would be speaking at a conference on various topics including international business which is a subject of interest for us all. I would describe the general feeling of us all nervousness – we had previously pitched for donations three times in different locations to different types/groups of people like the bosses of our college. Local Village Network was our focus point: their work, how they help people, the amazing things they’ve achieved as a charity and mainly their power of networks event. We knew getting up there right at the front and speaking in a church of knowledge and history would not be anything like we had previously done – the students, teachers and other presenters were on a different level than us – just getting into uni alone is an achievement. Our group are all well submerged in international business so when we got there at 11 am and walked into a presentation on ‘Demonised Balkans? ‘– something so not intimidating being talked about, the rest fell on our shoulders and pushed us into our chairs. We watched many different presentations but the lunch was the highlight and not just for the food – We got to speak to other students, Alumni and most importantly, Dr Farhang. Everybody at the event welcomed us in and treated us as one of their own. During lunch, we managed to network, to discuss the future, and then afterwards on a full stomach, we gave our own talk. Of course, it went great. 

I came into the conference with worry and a feeling of insignificance and left with proficiency and dignity knowing we gave a great talk + Q&A on LVN, and the power of networks event.  

Chloe Roig, Business Study Student, Capital City College Group, London.

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