Vietnam’s Spectacular Development

Attending the ‘Learning in an International Environment’ module, I have very little knowledge of Vietnam.  I have a basic understanding of the country and its development throughout the year. After some research, the aspect that has interested me was Vietnam’s development after the Vietnam War.

An aspect that surprised me was how well Vietnam has developed throughout the years after the war. The state budget of Vietnam was increased from 25% to 45% after the war. Another way Vietnam became successful was through its rice exportation. The government of Vietnam helped with its country’s economic growth by administering a series of market-orientated shock treatments to the economy, liberalising the price of consumer goods and more. The benefits of these actions showed via the increase of the GDP, which increased by an average of 8.9%. It has been great to see Vietnam showing such great results of development whilst still developing as a country. The government of Vietnam has supported its country in many ways to bounce back from the tragic war and raise the economy once again.

I am excited to learn the module ‘Learning in an International Environment’ for various of reasons. The main reason is to widen my understanding of the Vietnamese economy and its development. Prior to my limited knowledge of the country, the basic research has already given me a positive start to develop my understanding which hopefully I will put forward into my work. Going forward I am looking forward to the detailed learning of the political, economical and social factors of the country. I look forward to widen my thoughts of Vietnam.

Komal Nadeem, Year 1, BA (Hons) International Relations.

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