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DEN gave us a marvelous opportunity to take part in a unique experience and connect with students from Thailand. It was a challenging task, and we had to prepare and study Thai culture seriously (and the very concept of culture as a whole).

During our online sessions, we could connect with our peers from Kasetsart University and start our work together. Detailed presentations with the guidance of qualified tutors widened our views and provided us with valuable and interesting information about local customs in Bangkok. We have contemplated culture’s influence and covered several concepts and theories. We have also looked at the history and how it has been affecting Thailand and the UK these days, which I found extremely helpful later on while working on my presentation.

I have connected with Sarawadee – a very nice Thai student studying law. My DEN sessions helped me to understand how to structure our work and how to communicate with each other without barriers.

After consulting with our tutors, we have chosen to create a presentation about something completely new and important – comparing the UK and Thailand law systems. As it was not explored by academics before, it was thrilling to get the chance to dive into that topic. Over the course of our preparations, we have not only performed thorough research but also established a harmonious system of work. It was not an easy task as legal writing is taught differently in our countries, and we had to negotiate the best way of putting the text on the slides.

Unfortunately, I could not travel to Thailand and be present on the day of the presentation because of my personal circumstances. But DEN still gave me a chance to present online, which was a fantastic solution. It is excellent to know that, while we are working with global goals and networking, this module still makes us feel engaged as individuals in different situations and settings. My experience with this module in these past weeks was inspirational. I have gained knowledge and connections with international students that I intend to maintain during my development as a law student. It will also help me with my career and future scientific research as I have worked with different sources and successfully extracted relevant information.

Alina Maksakova

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