Student Interviews Pt. 3: Speaking with Chi

For the final interview of our Vietnam series Inside Westminster caught up with Third year International Studies student and the trip’s “financial administrator” Hoang Linh Chi. The following is a partial transcription of the interview.

What was your perception of us before we came here?

I had hoped to broaden my knowledge by meeting people with from a diversity of cultures.

What excites you the most about this international exchange?

This program is a very good opportunity to see other cultures and the world outside. How your country works, the way you live etc.

What do you expect from this international exchange?

I expect to get to know more of you guys. I really want to visit those countries I haven’t been to yet and this is a way of learning about them in advance. That way I wont be shocked when I visit them!

How will this program have an impact on your life?

For one thing, this is the first time i have had a sizable amount of money in my hands as I am in charge of the whole group’s expenses!


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