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Significance of the Middle East in the World

The Politics and Development of the Middle East is an intriguing topic that has gained attention due to the rapidly evolving global affairs. This region is culturally diverse, rich in oil and gas resources, and strategically located. It has a blend of conservative Islam with advanced technologies and volatile unneighborly relations, making it increasingly important for global security and development. My goal is to improve my understanding of the region’s culture, politics, and economy and build strong communication skills essential in the global workplace.

Learning about the region’s history would help me understand the simmering conflicts in the Middle East, which continue to take their toll. Some Middle Eastern countries like Turkey and Saudi Arabia have emerged as regional powers and even challenged global players in recent decades. For instance, despite being a member of NATO, Turkey purchased an anti-aircraft system from Russia, enraging its US ally. However, Turkey stood its ground and did not cancel the purchase from Russia.

The countries of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, and Iran are crucial to the global economy because of their abundant oil and gas reserves and significant investment capabilities. They have joined together to create a robust cartel that oversees oil extraction and pricing. However, Iran has taken an adversarial stance towards the US and its primary Middle Eastern partner, Israel, resulting in harsh sanctions on its oil industry and overall economic stability.

The new global role of these Middle Eastern players has led to the evolution of their relations with other world players, such as the US, China, Russia, and the EU. The economic growth of the Middle East accelerated the shake of post-colonialism and enabled huge investments in technological development and worldwide assets.

However, the region still faces numerous challenges with ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Palestine, posing a threat to global security. This has been witnessed by the rise of Al Qaeda and later Daesh, spreading worldwide terror.

Given all of this, it is crucial to gain a new perspective on how capitalism and neoliberal values are incorporated into the conservative Islamic culture of the Middle East. Understanding how much their governments would agree to human rights critiques is also important.

Nikolay Kolev

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