Raising Awareness for Young People about Sustainable Environmental Protection

The global environment is getting worse day by day, not only threatening the human habitat but also destroying the living environment of other species. Nowadays, environmental issues are also more focused, and sustainable development is prioritized as a key orientation in governmental agenda of many countries. However, the efforts of the government will never be possible without the support and contribution of whole society, especially the young generation.

Youth participation is important. They have to be involved in every step to ensure the process incorporates youth considerations and innovations to protect future generations. Today, young people around the world are using their enormous potentialities to make positive changes in environmental problems. Small actions come together to make large improvements, if you are young and are hesitating about your own plans in protecting environment sustainably, let’s jump out of comfort zone, and get better change!

Vietnamese youth actively participating in various activities to protect the environment. (Photo: NDO/Dinh Chau)

How are youth contributing to protect the environment?

Youth are utilizing actively  the power of their collective voice to advocate, lobby and lead campaigns, pioneer many community volunteering activities towards adopting environmentally-friendly practices and policies all over the world. Young people have actively increased meaningful engagement through innovations and sustainable environmental solutions. Ranging from local initiatives to international campaigns, awareness of the young generation in environmental issues is increasing.

Youth can transfer positive messages to the rest of the world through their creativity and positive energy. Additionally, they can proactively contribute their talents and time through education and advocacy toward environmental protection.

Besides, raising awareness among their communities on climate change, environmental protection, and the negative impact of plastic bags and waste through modern communication channels and on social media are also necessary. In the context of developed social networks and the internet, communication increases its role in advocating and influencing. By giving possible approaches, it is utilized by many young people in transferring environmental messages and shifting views in the natural world and sustainable development also. How well people increase their awareness in dealing with environmental affairs will affect how well we address the environment crisis quickly and thoroughly.

Young people today have a special role play in the global dialogue on climate change and they are expressing their voices in the most inspiring ways. Ambitions to effectively implement a national climate change strategy would not be possible without meaningful youth participation. Youth must be involved at every step to ensure that their voices and aspirations are included in the strategy formulation process that will help protect future generations. If only the efforts of the youth are not enough, the youth need also the state and everyone to cooperate. In addition, young people’s great ideas need to be incorporated into government policies and programs soon to address current challenges and build a future free of climate changes and unsustainable environment.

Kim Dung and Trang Pham, Students of Faculty of International Studies, Hanoi University, Vietnam, 2021.




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