Podcast: learning tools and problems associated with it

You are scrolling on Spotify to find the next big tunes, and suddenly, ‘podcasts’ appear. What are podcasts, and why do people stream them? Podcasts are online audio files (and videos) made available on the internet for downloading to a mobile phone, PC, or any other portable device. They are typically known as a series. Genres vary from teenage advice to everyday politics. A wide range to pick from if you are new to podcasts. There is something for everyone.

In 2023, everybody is trying out podcasts. Educating others is important currently with the rise of misinformation spreading quickly. Others may talk about their passions for specific topics.

An advantage of listening to a podcast is that it builds a community. A podcast with a specific genre is likelier to attract people with the same interests and hobbies. When there is a comment section, others may find relatable people and build connections with them. Podcast creators can also take their community’s advice on what other topics could be mentioned and if they want to see more similar content on the podcast series.

Another advantage of podcasts is that it helps raise awareness and brings real social change by educating people on topics. Since there are many podcasts, listeners can pick from a left bias to a neutral one. Some other podcasts would include news broadcasting companies such as the BBC – or newspaper companies like Financial Times and the Guardian. Podcast episodes tend to go more in-depth on the issue rather than watching the news on television, where only brief points are covered. Some certified podcasts are an excellent place to start if you want a broader range of information before forming your own opinion.

Podcasts can be seen as a tool for learning, as many individuals prefer audio rather than visual learning. Furthermore, podcasts are accessible wherever you are.

Some problems surrounding podcasts usually lie in the beginning – some people may not know what equipment to use for good sound. Long-term problems include inconsistency and spreading misinformation if you decide to rush each episode. Podcasts take patience, practice and dedication.

Companies and individuals can create a podcast with just a laptop/phone in the comfort of their own bedroom. Listening anywhere is as accessible as creating the podcast content itself. In everyday life, podcasts are just one of the many tools to educate others and share information about passions and current topics. Easily accessible from YouTube to Spotify, you can download it to listen offline.

Maliha Hussain

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