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My University Journey: A Beginning of My Journey to Learn How to Help the Others

I was always interested in going into a field where I could help people in some way or another and help change the society we live in today. I knew that one of the direct ways to take me there was university. However, I was not that knowledgeable about what steps to take so the process going forward was a very slow-paced one throughout my secondary school and sixth form years. When it was time for picking A-Levels I started researching into areas such as the United Nations, International charities, and watching Ted Talks from professionals all over the field which could hopefully give me more insight into the kind of field of work I wanted to go towards and how to get there.

When the time came to apply for university I struggled with being able to find my chosen course, as there was only a certain amount of variety throughout the choices available and what the universities were offering was not that interesting to me. Eventually, through enough research, I found the ideal course within a select few universities which helped to give an overview of what I always wanted to be a part of.

The University of Westminster was one of the few universities that had the courses that I was interested in and allowed me to have a wide range of choices available to me. The module choices available also pulled me towards the university as there was a range of interesting topics that I wanted to learn more about.

The university’s DEN program also helped interest me further into applying as it offered students new skills and experiences that we could be a part of. Whilst also allowing us to have our voices heard and give us a platform to have our ideas be created into something greater.

The university from the first visit was inviting and comfortable to explore and study at, whilst also giving a sense of unity from the professors and students. The choice to choose this university was very simple for me as I had found the perfect course for myself and my future goals.

Although we are living in unprecedented times with a pandemic preventing us from being able to have a regular university experience. I have so far been welcomed by my professors and have been able to participate and be connected to the university. The university has provided non-stop information and support that is helping me to grasp the new challenges we are experiencing online and in general. It is strange to start University during a global pandemic and everything kind of feels all over the place, but I hope throughout the weeks I will be more secure and confident within my place at the university and the new systems.

I don’t know if the situation we are in will change anytime soon, but for now the university has made sure to make me feel as comfortable as possible during the situation we are starting our university experience in.


Zara Khan, 2020, International Relations and Development

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