My reflection on the field trip: a mutual learning experience 

My name is Trinh. I am a third-year student at Hanoi University in Vietnam. It was a great honour for me to have an opportunity to support the students from the University of Westminster when they conducted their field trip in Vietnam. However, before their arrival, I was anxious about how I would help the students as I didn’t know them; this was the first time I had worked with international students. Therefore, I wanted to support them with various aspects of the field trip, especially language, food, culture, education and above all, their shopping.

As English is not my first language and I have never been to the United Kingdom (UK), I believed it would not be easy to develop a meaningful relationship. However, the University of Westminster students were friendly, generous, and sometimes funny, which helped me develop a relationship quickly. It was so good that I wanted to spend much more time with them. They treated me like their own friends. They talked to me a lot to help me feel less shy and more confident.

This trip has brought me many advantages, and I have learnt a lot from my international friends, from their culture, education, and the country they live.

I was impressed by their willingness to learn about Vietnam. For example, they always asked questions about Vietnamese society, politics, and education. In addition, I learnt about their method of conducting themselves in the classroom. For instance, they were shy or anxious to express themselves and ask questions of the teachers.

As I was with the Westminster students all the time during the trip (I stayed in the same accommodation as them), this helped me better understand them as people, as well as the subject they study. A further benefit is that I have improved my speaking of the English language.

This experience will help me with my career development, and I view it as an opportunity that has improved my job prospects after completing my degree.

I will happily jump at any opportunity to pass on the same responsibility. I will use the experience, knowledge, and skills I learned on this field trip to manage the next one.

The trip helped improve my confidence to exchange my own ideas and communicate with others by being less anxious. The trip was an exchange of learning between myself and the students from Westminster.

Finally, the trip will be one of the most memorable parts of my education as I learnt and enjoyed it so much and made many friends. I am fortunate and proud to be part of this trip. I look forward to supporting the international students with the next trip when the opportunity arises.

Trinh Hà Thị Kiều, Hanoi University, Vietnam

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