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My New Unique Experiences of University

My journey began as a transfer from another university to year 2. So far, since September, the experience and knowledge I have received so far, studying International Relations and Development, has helped me focus and integrate into a new environment.

I have lived in a culturally diverse background of being born and raised in London and growing up in a Kosovan household. The contrast between the two traditions has helped me develop and be confident of my studies and career path to make a positive impact potentially. My background initially sparked my enthusiasm to begin my studies a few years ago and developed my unique perspective on International Relations and Development course. Before coming to the University of Westminster, I entered the world of labour early and began working in the retail industry; this helped me achieve teamwork and public speaking skills.

I was employed full-time for three years before September 2021. During this time, I realised that I wanted to strive for more and achieve higher education, to pursue a career in a field I am passionate about.

I am currently studying which is International Relations and Development. After my transfer, I was perplexed on what career path I wanted to take and eventually began my research to see what options were available for my future. I was not as inspired or looking forward to a career in retail. Therefore, I decided to expand my horizons further and return to university again, which is the core reason why and how I joined Westminster and university life itself. For the past semester, the opportunities that the university has had to offer, especially at Westminster, have been eye-opening and attributed to my life experiences; these included joining the Democratic Education Network (DEN) and Geopolitics film club. These activities have helped me develop a newfound maturity and encouraged me to engage with students in areas I am passionate about.

In addition, it has expanded my views and opinions and learning through a different lens of other people’s visions. I have been exposed to an environment filled with people from diverse backgrounds and unique experiences and perspectives. Comparing my experiences at both universities, I have found myself warming to my lecturers, tutors, and students a lot more than at my former university, which makes me more excited about my future at Westminster. Some of the opportunities in my first semester include a position at the International Organisation for Migration at the United Nations. I have recently applied for an internship with GENDRO to complete a gender-based project this winter.

Fatlinda Halimi, Year 2, BA (Hons), International Relations and Development.

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